Honoring Our Heroes

Revitalist Is Partnering with Community Change to Support Veterans and First Responders

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Collaborating with the UNIT Initiative is All Secure Foundation and Camaraderie Rescue Mission

Partnering with Community Change Foundation, the UNIT campaign aims to raise funds to support mental health services.

The UNIT campaign seeks to raise awareness and dispel stigmas regarding veteran mental health issues.

Revitalist and Community Change want to help our first responders heal.

By supporting the UNIT campaign you're supporting our nurses, front line workers, and those that work hard to keep America running.

What's the UNIT Campaign?

The UN*IT campaign symbolizes Revitalist’s dedication to connecting veterans and first responders needing specialized mental health solutions with qualified, compassionate medical providers.

One of the most challenging parts of transitioning from the service to civilian life is the loss of camaraderie. For many veterans, this is more than just losing a support network. 

It’s losing a family, a cohesive unit. We want to help fill that gap by bringing together veterans, support groups, and caring providers to form a new family – a new UN*IT.

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Caring for Those Who Care for Our Communities

Our first responders face unimaginable stress every day, help us give back by supporting the UNIT campaign.

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